Lyn Slater

Fashion is something beyond age. It doesn’t matter you are 20 or 70 you can be a fashionable person or even model. If you have doubt in it I’m here to introduce someone who can change lots of things in your mind.

Lyn Slater

This woman is 63 and she have been discovered around 5 years ago as she was walking on street in NYFW (New York fashion week), the journalists thought she is a designer or something so took lots of picture and then she became the Accidental Icon in fashion. (Her blog’s name:

“Since 1980 my favorite designer is Yohji Yamamoto and then Comme Des Garcons and Rei Kawakubo (we try to talk about them too later in another post).because I can be women or men/young or old in their cloths, I can be all in those in-between places.”
I think as she said it is very important that you can be anything you want or you are in your cloths, clothing can change who you are and express your personality more than word to others. It’s not all about being fashionable and want people to look at us, it is about being yourself. Being what you really are in any kind of way that you like.
I suppose that we can learn from her that if you “are” what you “are” the sex and age doesn’t matter at all.

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