Trip To Tbilisi ,Georgia

let’s take a walk around the world together,we’re gonna start with Tbilisi,Georgia.
We were there on December,if yo don’t like the cold weather then you shouldn’t be there in the Winter I guess.also the color of trees was amazing and made the city look like a painting.
Arrived at 9pm And After 3 night we left the town.
We stayed at Biltmore hotel which was great but there was something about this hotel that I didn’t like and it was the architecture of the building! it shouldn’t be like that is the tallest building in the city with no respect to city’s urbanism and other building’s typology.
in my opinion if you want to KNOW the city,you have to walk or using public transportation to feel the atmosphere.


Day One :(9 pm-2 am)

Day Two :

Day Three:

Day Four:(9 am-1 pm)

We just had time for cheese shopping next to hotel.
The Georgian people have their own cheese which you have to try .

Here is a list of places we went :
Day One:
1.Biltmore hotel-Rustaveli Ave.
2.Liberty Square
3.Warszawa Bar
Day Two:
1.Dine hall Restaurant-Rustaveli Ave.
2.The Bridge Of Peace
3.St.Trinity Cathedral
4.Gabriel Sundukiani Street
5.Bernard Bar
6.Jazz Cafe Singer
Day Three:
1.Sameba Church
2.Funicular Complex(It has a great restaurant up there)
3.The Wall
4.MacLauren’s Irish Pub
5.Laura Capola Ice Cream


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Lyn Slater

Fashion is something beyond age. It doesn’t matter you are 20 or 70 you can be a fashionable person or even model. If you have doubt in it I’m here to introduce someone who can change lots of things in your mind.

Lyn Slater

This woman is 63 and she have been discovered around 5 years ago as she was walking on street in NYFW (New York fashion week), the journalists thought she is a designer or something so took lots of picture and then she became the Accidental Icon in fashion. (Her blog’s name:

“Since 1980 my favorite designer is Yohji Yamamoto and then Comme Des Garcons and Rei Kawakubo (we try to talk about them too later in another post).because I can be women or men/young or old in their cloths, I can be all in those in-between places.”
I think as she said it is very important that you can be anything you want or you are in your cloths, clothing can change who you are and express your personality more than word to others. It’s not all about being fashionable and want people to look at us, it is about being yourself. Being what you really are in any kind of way that you like.
I suppose that we can learn from her that if you “are” what you “are” the sex and age doesn’t matter at all.

Trip Essensials

It doesn’t matter what your job is, after a while you need a break and what is better than Traveling.

In addition to the issues of designing we try to share with you other subjects on the occasions and special time of the year and talk about it.

Traveling in general, no matter where or with whom you go, make new experiences.

After picking your destination, the first thing you have to do is packing.

I was one of those travelers who used to take with me almost everything for a 5day long trip, but I tried to reduce it and only take the necessary stuffs with first it was kinda hard but then I wrote down everything that I take in each trip and after getting back I eliminate those I did not used.

Now I want to write my Final List here and transfer my experience with you guys so you can use it if you like it.

·        Mobile (we can admit that most of us are addicted to our cellphones but I think this could be a good idea to put it down for a while and limit the usage of it at least on trip)

·        Cellphone charger

·        Hands-free (if you are traveling alone and want to listen some music on your trip, but in my opinion every new place has its own music and listening to nature sound or crowd could sound more appealing.

·        Camera(we have to limit this one too, if you are in a new place first try to look at it and see it carefully with details and try to enjoy ,then you can take your pictures.)

·        Camera charger

·        Battery (if you have something that works with it.)

·        ID card, Passport(depends on your trip type)

·        Pencil and notebook (I always have these on my backpack, sometimes writing or drawing something can makes more sense than even pictures.)

·        Pocket tissue

·        Wipes

·        Band-Aid

·        Freezer bag

·        Pills (pain-killing and adult cold)

·        Sunscreen

·        Deodorant

·        Perfume

·        Hair brush

·        Hair spray (for destinations with high humidity and girls who has curly hair.)

·        Towel (if you are not staying in hotel or you are obsessed about your personal stuffs.)

·        Sun glass

·        Shampoo, Toothbrush, Toothpaste (again if you are not staying at hotel, but I always recommend to use your own toothbrush.)

·        Suitable clothes

·        Poncho (if your destination might has rainy days.)

·        Pajamas

·        Socks

·        Suitable Shoe(Sneaker perhaps)

·        Slippers

·        Hat

·        Sleeping bag (if you go for camping.)

·        Snacks for the way (if you are going with your own car or bus.)

·        Swiss army knives


We would love to hear your experiences and complete our list with your opinions. And don’t forget to travel as much as you can.



Logo Design

What Is A Logo?



A logo should not literally describe what the business does. But rather, identify the business in a way this is recognizable and memorable.

Your brand is the story of your company and all it represents

Your logo is the image that identifies your company

Simply put, your logo is the face of your company while your brand is the personality.

But before you can go out and create a logo, you should first identify what your brand message is. This way that your logo has something to stand behind.

Our logo is based on the typography of the brand’s name and showing the design and how simple changes can turn to something totally different and new.

NAD Logo

Preliminary Sketches are the most important stage of design. Jumping right onto the computer can limit your creativity by the amount of time it takes to produce just one logo.  When sketching, you can let your creativity run wild and have multiple ideas down on paper in a shorter amount of time.  Use the computer to refine your logo, sketch to get your ideas down on paper.

For NAD we had about 10 options which I’m going to share those with you

NAD Logo Options

BE ORIGINAL the final rule to designing an effective logo is quite simple; don’t copy another designer’s work! There is nothing wrong with checking out the competition for inspiration, but copying another person’s ideas or work is just plain wrong. Being original also means never using stock or clip art in your design. As a designer you should have your own style – this is what makes you stand out.

You have to accept that there is always a better choice (in others opinion) out there, but may be that’s not your style.


Color in Logo Design

Of the top 100 brands of the world, 95% use only one or two colors in their logos.

Purple: Royalty. Luxury. Wisdom. Dignity.





Orange: Innovation. Creativity. Thinking. Ideas.

JBL Logo


Timberland Logo




Green: Life. Growth. Nature. Freshness.

Holiday Inn Logo Natural Logo





Yellow: Intellect. Friendliness. Warmth. Caution.

McDonald's Logo SUBWAY Logo





Blue: Peace. Integrity. Confidence.

Facebook Logo IBM Logo




Red: Love. Danger. Passion. Energy. Romance.

Levi's Logo Pinterest Logo





White: Hope. Simplicity. Cleanliness. Goodness. Purity. (although the pure white logo doesn’t exist)
Black: Power. Sophistication. Mystery.

Chanel LogoChristian Dior logo WaltDisney Logo

We chose Black And White to show simplicity, purity and sophistication. Although, it doesn’t mean we do not have any other particularity such as dignity, passion and friendliness.


Simplicity is best

Think about some of the most famous brands you know. Most well-known company logos and branding are extremely simple. Apple has a simple, yet very versatile logo. Recognized the entire world over, it is simply an apple with a bite mark. They have been able to use this logo for decades, and through the years the only aspect that they have changed is the color within the apple. This is because this simple logo ensures that changes are easy, the brand is unique, and it is recognizable.