Logo Design

What Is A Logo?



A logo should not literally describe what the business does. But rather, identify the business in a way this is recognizable and memorable.

Your brand is the story of your company and all it represents

Your logo is the image that identifies your company

Simply put, your logo is the face of your company while your brand is the personality.

But before you can go out and create a logo, you should first identify what your brand message is. This way that your logo has something to stand behind.

Our logo is based on the typography of the brand’s name and showing the design and how simple changes can turn to something totally different and new.

NAD Logo

Preliminary Sketches are the most important stage of design. Jumping right onto the computer can limit your creativity by the amount of time it takes to produce just one logo.  When sketching, you can let your creativity run wild and have multiple ideas down on paper in a shorter amount of time.  Use the computer to refine your logo, sketch to get your ideas down on paper.

For NAD we had about 10 options which I’m going to share those with you

NAD Logo Options

BE ORIGINAL the final rule to designing an effective logo is quite simple; don’t copy another designer’s work! There is nothing wrong with checking out the competition for inspiration, but copying another person’s ideas or work is just plain wrong. Being original also means never using stock or clip art in your design. As a designer you should have your own style – this is what makes you stand out.

You have to accept that there is always a better choice (in others opinion) out there, but may be that’s not your style.


Color in Logo Design

Of the top 100 brands of the world, 95% use only one or two colors in their logos.

Purple: Royalty. Luxury. Wisdom. Dignity.





Orange: Innovation. Creativity. Thinking. Ideas.

JBL Logo


Timberland Logo




Green: Life. Growth. Nature. Freshness.

Holiday Inn Logo Natural Logo





Yellow: Intellect. Friendliness. Warmth. Caution.

McDonald's Logo SUBWAY Logo





Blue: Peace. Integrity. Confidence.

Facebook Logo IBM Logo




Red: Love. Danger. Passion. Energy. Romance.

Levi's Logo Pinterest Logo





White: Hope. Simplicity. Cleanliness. Goodness. Purity. (although the pure white logo doesn’t exist)
Black: Power. Sophistication. Mystery.

Chanel LogoChristian Dior logo WaltDisney Logo

We chose Black And White to show simplicity, purity and sophistication. Although, it doesn’t mean we do not have any other particularity such as dignity, passion and friendliness.


Simplicity is best

Think about some of the most famous brands you know. Most well-known company logos and branding are extremely simple. Apple has a simple, yet very versatile logo. Recognized the entire world over, it is simply an apple with a bite mark. They have been able to use this logo for decades, and through the years the only aspect that they have changed is the color within the apple. This is because this simple logo ensures that changes are easy, the brand is unique, and it is recognizable.