Trip Essensials

It doesn’t matter what your job is, after a while you need a break and what is better than Traveling.

In addition to the issues of designing we try to share with you other subjects on the occasions and special time of the year and talk about it.

Traveling in general, no matter where or with whom you go, make new experiences.

After picking your destination, the first thing you have to do is packing.

I was one of those travelers who used to take with me almost everything for a 5day long trip, but I tried to reduce it and only take the necessary stuffs with first it was kinda hard but then I wrote down everything that I take in each trip and after getting back I eliminate those I did not used.

Now I want to write my Final List here and transfer my experience with you guys so you can use it if you like it.

·        Mobile (we can admit that most of us are addicted to our cellphones but I think this could be a good idea to put it down for a while and limit the usage of it at least on trip)

·        Cellphone charger

·        Hands-free (if you are traveling alone and want to listen some music on your trip, but in my opinion every new place has its own music and listening to nature sound or crowd could sound more appealing.

·        Camera(we have to limit this one too, if you are in a new place first try to look at it and see it carefully with details and try to enjoy ,then you can take your pictures.)

·        Camera charger

·        Battery (if you have something that works with it.)

·        ID card, Passport(depends on your trip type)

·        Pencil and notebook (I always have these on my backpack, sometimes writing or drawing something can makes more sense than even pictures.)

·        Pocket tissue

·        Wipes

·        Band-Aid

·        Freezer bag

·        Pills (pain-killing and adult cold)

·        Sunscreen

·        Deodorant

·        Perfume

·        Hair brush

·        Hair spray (for destinations with high humidity and girls who has curly hair.)

·        Towel (if you are not staying in hotel or you are obsessed about your personal stuffs.)

·        Sun glass

·        Shampoo, Toothbrush, Toothpaste (again if you are not staying at hotel, but I always recommend to use your own toothbrush.)

·        Suitable clothes

·        Poncho (if your destination might has rainy days.)

·        Pajamas

·        Socks

·        Suitable Shoe(Sneaker perhaps)

·        Slippers

·        Hat

·        Sleeping bag (if you go for camping.)

·        Snacks for the way (if you are going with your own car or bus.)

·        Swiss army knives


We would love to hear your experiences and complete our list with your opinions. And don’t forget to travel as much as you can.